Best Long Distance Range Finders Reviews (Jan 2020)

Long-distance range finders are one of a useful tool that helps beam to be determined the distance to an object.  That is why it is set on the tripod along with an angular mount. It is because when anyone measures the distance up to 20 km, this helps pretty well to slip into a good result and perfect result. you can know the review of best Hunting Rangefinder for golf.

Long Distance Range finders 2020

Here is the list of these range finders available in best quality and promises to aim at the results which you are looking for –

1. Best 1000 Yard Rangefinders: SIG Sauer kilo 850 4*20 mm

Earlier the SIG Sauer was more famous as a maker of the premium DA/SA handguns. But now the same thing is known as a premium manufacturer.

By the way, this is very compact, long-lasting which has the potential to reach at least 1200 yards (that is of course commendable). It even employs the Lightwave DSP advancement and it is because this is determined to give the perfect report.


  • The usage has been kept very handy easy to use and reach
  • It is even a brilliant resolution
  • Very simple and uncomplicated to use the design
  • Its strength lies in giving crystal clear pictures


  • Heavy in weight
  • Not updated tools

2.Bushnell 202442 The truth ARC 4*20mm bow hunting Laser rangefinder with a clear shot

Well, Bushnell is always in demand because of the quality it has. Generally, when anyone thinks about the range finders they think of heavy and big range finders and holding becomes a little tough. But this product has everything which would lighten up the mood of buyers as it is light in weight.

This is neither big nor too small; you can say it has perfect design. The other part which makes it one of desirable product is its feature of long-lasting, that is worth spending money on it. As the name has been kept by keeping its feature in mind ‘clear shot’, why so? The product truly justifies with the purpose it has come.


  • It is available in a beautiful design
  • This has the potential of durability that means the product will last
  • Used ‘class 1 laser’ along with <0.5 mW average power output
  • Crystal clear pictures


  • The price might trouble your purchase

3. Vortex Optics Impact 850 Yard Laser Rangefinder

Vortex has earned a good reputation in the market and it is a constant developing brand. Most of the people rely on this product because it has the ability to fulfil the demand. Plus it is constantly updating, innovating and adding new pieces of the gears.  When it comes to cover up about 850 yards it is possible with this range finder.

Whereas, the magnification (6*) makes it uncomplicated in aiming your object in almost all conditions. This becomes possible because they have used a proper glass along with completely multicoated lens (absolutely gorgeous to find such range finders).

Noticing its other features such as faithful product, light in weight, trouble-free and most importantly the price is affordable for all types of pocket. So if you ever plan for shooting, golfing this can be the best companion throughout your journey.


  • Its 6* magnification (eloquent)
  • Covers up to 850 range with a clarity
  • Uses not difficult CR2 battery (which also helps in managing your time)


  • It could have had covered more yards


4. Best tactical rangefinder – Bushnell elite 1 mile ARC

Some products only boast whereas, some has the capability of giving proof results. Bushnell truly justifies with its features and the commitments it gives to its users.  The product is eloquent and compact in nature which can easily cover up around 1000 yards without a struggle.

When this product has been made one thing must be in the mind of manufacturer ‘its individual quality for tactical use’. And this sole quality makes the way easy for everyone who uses the product. These even scouts for tanks, air power and artillery and permits snipers to aim at the distant objects. A tactical shooter must have this one in their collection for experiencing more.


  • It is waterproof
  • Covers up to 1000 yards which are tough to find
  • The seven eloquent magnifications help in catching the crystal clear and continue sight
  • A trouble-free use
  • It has well set in the tripod which makes usage easy and uncomplicated


  • Little expensive
  • Heavy in weight


5. Best Range finders For beyond 1000 yards – Leica Range master CRF 1600- R

Well, Leica range master has 1600 – R which has been designed on purpose for hitting objects up to 1600 yards. Why one should pick up this product is, this product can be packed easily.

So if someone is in utter need of having something worth and well featured with ease then Leica can be the best option.  This is very perfect in size some people say that it is very small.


  • Very easy to carry.
  • Automatic adjustment system to the external light. For example: if it is very bright outside the lenses will automatically balance the sight
  • It employs bonded plastic which is made up of carbon fibre
  • Long-lasting product with light in weight


  • No cons


6. ATN Laser Ballustics 1500

Today, technology has unfolding unimaginable things before us. This ATN is one of a fine example of today’s claim. This range-finding advancement has been combined along with modern phone technology.

That is why this product comes in the category of the super eloquent device which has the potential of covering up between 1500 meters to 1640 yards. When it has this much features so it has worked well on its night sight and catching up the scope industries. Very easily users can connect it directly to an ATN smart scope.

Well, ATN Laser was slow in the beginning but now this product often founded out of stock. The reason is simple the very awesome features of ATN Laser has the ability in providing a good facility to its users.

Anyone can think about it because it has everything with perfection whether it is about its size of using it with advancement. The HD quality facility by this product will definitely make you think twice for the product.


  • Easy to carry because of its perfect size
  • Connectable to devices such as phone and smart scope
  • Covers up the yards around 1500 to 1640 range
  • Catch images in HD quality


  • Little unaffordable (expensive)


7. Halo XRT62- 7 rangefinder

Halo is one of the fine models with trouble-free use. The product can cover up to 600 yards which is of course quite commendable. What is soothing about this Halo product is that it smartly aims at the object and let you reach with smooth paths (do not you think it is not easy to find?).

Manufactures ahs well fit a scanner in it which really becomes one of great help while using this product. This is how users are allowed to use this particular feature in continuing ranging. But if users want to aim at the various ranges they can simply lock the feature and easily aim at the distance.

Many people are there who sometimes gets confused about using the device and they are even ignorant about the fact that ‘the target must have a clear site’.  Suppose if someone is trying to use the range finder during a foggy day, the range finder may create an illusion of the sight. That is why before using the product it must be clear to know the difference of two main features. So in terms of friendly nature, anyone may definitely consider this product. As this allows long-lasting commitments in good price!


  • It has a high- quality protective case
  • Range finder can be handled with much ease
  • It is long-lasting
  • Price is affordable


  • Creates an illusion of the rear sight (it confuses users)
  • It is must to know the right usage of it
  • Little tough if someone is fresher in this field

8. SIG Sauer kilo 2000

SIG Sauer is eligible for much praise because of what it has to give. This product is quite tiny range fibre which has really commendable features to offer to its users. Those who are aiming at covering up the range up to 1500 yards then they can easily plan out about this product. There are other things along with 1500 yards feature which will make people choose this.

Of course, when you will see its feature of shooting distant objects or having a clear sight of those objects. Then SIG is already best with that quality. Well, if the users have this aim of buying the product for capturing the objects with perfection SIG has the exact thing to offer. Sig Sauer uses high quality of tools to its product that is why it has earned faith by the users. This is not an easy task of finding a range finder with such brilliant features.


  • Its eloquent potential of covering up around 1500 yards.
  • Offers clear pictures
  • Captures even minute details.
  • Best device for hunters.


  • Price is expensive 3 and 4 times than other products.


It is one of the best product at the most affordable price. Most of the company hesitate when they offer such brilliant features at such a good price!  But SIMMONS motive is to give best that is why it is one such product which has the ability to capture exact objects.

Whereas, 600 yards is just an easy thing for this company! The usage has been made an easy way to rich to the product. It has a tremendous facility of pressing the button and then the distance will be shown to you.

Do you know what is the highlight of the product is that it can do both the things measuring in yards and meters? Many people start doubting on the product because it is available at a cheap price but the quality so of course very commendable which can be experienced by itself.


  • The affordable price with praiseworthy features
  • Very easy to use the product
  • It has the potential of covering up in both the ways: yards and meters about 600


  • Nothing


10. Vortex optics rangefinder

Like some, the brands have this ability to earn a good reputation by offering good products. It is one of tiny product with compact design. On the other hand, what is the best thing about the product is that it also let the user aim at the object and can catch the details of the object.

So if you are searching for less than 100 yards then this one will be a better option because this has been made by keeping every need of the users. Such as intuitive menu and an angle compensated distance reading. When anyone would have these features then they will easily able to get good results.

It was even able to get crystal clear pictures or sight with the features as 6* magnification. This will even generate high quality of images so when anyone zooms that it clearly shows everything in a detailed way. Plus while targeting your object due to its good quality lenses this will help you in focusing your length at the right place. Moreover, the quality of the lens will also let you capture everything in best quality.


  • The 6* magnification
  • Best quality pictures
  • Light in weight
  • It is very easy to carry and small


  • Price is a little bit expensive


11. Nikon Black rangex 4K Laser rangefinders

Nikon is already a successful brand and whatever it sells there is faith about this product. And every time users trust it; of course, the features of the product make them do.

The product has capacity of measuring up to 10- 4, 000 yards. This means a user will be able in measuring about 4000 yards tree and 1700 yards Deer and 1500 yards (it is one of the best deal).

While going with this product it will surely not disappoint the users as it has the best capacity of covering up such a large part of the yard. Of course, this cannot be found so easily it is one of rare quality.


  • Covers up about 1500 yards
  • The visibility quality is very high which gives absolutely clear sight
  • Let you capture the best shots
  • Offers positive measurements


  • This is not small in size
  • Price is one of thing which may come on your path

What to look while purchasing?

This is an important question while going for purchases. Because if you miss any details or important factors of it then you will end up buying the wrong product.

Accuracy/ Perfection  

While buying range finder having good products becomes necessary otherwise that will be a waste of money and time. Accuracy should be in the list of a good range finder. That will help you in aiming at the distant objects. Whenever, you go for it then go for a high-quality laser rangefinder from a known brand because faith should be there in the tool.  It has used high quality of OLED display which let its users use the lens to see with high-quality clarity.

The fast measurements of this product are another feature of the product. While measuring it has 5 levels of brightness and that truly helps one with balancing perfectly. Nikon has features such as incline or the decline of the shooting angles, the advancement and that is to help one for confirming the best shot.


In terms of survival, this becomes obviously mandatory to check out whether you are getting the right product or not. If you buy the product with brilliant features but it does not have any long-lasting feature then you would lose the product. Because when anyone adds up total strength of any product durability matters a lot then.

Only buying a product will not serve them anything, there is one more thing which muddles people that they think it is binocular. But to remind them once more, this looks like a binocular but it is not. Make sure while buying the product it should be free of fog with nitrogen or argon purged.


Just like tea leaves and sugar compliment each other similarly, magnification is a perfect complement or can say balance for the range finders.

This is one of key feature which should not be missed of course.  If it ever happened with you spotting scope without any tripod then it might rouble you even. Because magnification is for balancing and having too much might trouble you with that. So have a perfect one.

Size and weight

Many people are ready to compromise on this feature. They think even if they will avoid it then this will work but the perfect size and weight of course matters. Suppose you have bought any product and it does not have any perfect size on it then it is obvious it will disturb your whole process of aiming the object. Now what you have to look in is that size completely depends upon the users.

Means this is very important to understand the size should be according to your need and this cannot be decided by anyone except you. You should be the one who will decide over the size and weight.

There are a few things which will help you in understanding about this product: suppose if anyone is just a plain bench rest competition shooter. In those cases, the size and weight will not be that big deal. But if anyone who is a tactical user such as sniper or hunter then here the role of size and weight becomes important. This even becomes one of a bigger issue.


Those who have doubt on buying their products from Amazon that it will not be helpful. In fact, Amazon is one of the professional brands so it clearly gives warranty sort of things or even you can make a purchase from any social media! Every professional shop or brand is ready to give you a warranty. But before you go for purchasing make sure you check reviews for once. That will help you to decide more about your product and you will already have the idea about purchases.

So a good deal for the guarantee can be about five years of faith. And rest it also depends on which type of product you are looking for and which brand you are going to buy.

Consider distance

Yeah, this becomes important to understand that distance is everything here. Means besides all other feature distance has its own individuality. Because just buying by looking size and weight and accuracy but ignoring distance will become a lesson then.

In the range finder, the role of distance is very much because that helps you to decide where to aim or where to not. Now 1000 yards is considered as the standard range which will let you complete your target with much ease.

Now what to look while buying range finder, you should look that your range finder is able in covering up at least 1000 yards. And if you are lucky that it can stretch itself more, it is a relief then.


These range finders are, of course, the best choices that are why most of the time they are out of stock. It is because of their excessive demand and secured features make it more faithful. Go ahead for the products and experience them. Although, the products have many ups and downs that is a myth (Yes). A product can be good or good only if a person picks that up after determining the priority.

If he or she struggles for the priority then they will surely end up with saying they got the wrong product. Today, the market has so much variety why so? It is because people can pick up according to their priority. These are the best products which give the commitment to its users. you can buy the best Laser rangefinder for golf.

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